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Lessons from the Pros: How to Handle Job Interviews

By Jennifer Davies You start to sweat. Your mind goes blank. You wonder silently if you're doing the right thing. Few things can be as nerve-wracking as a job interview. You want to come across as confident but not arrogant, as interested but not needy. While few fly through an interview error free, there are some simple, but common, mistakes to avoid if you want to land the job. It is … [Read More...]

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I’m Looking For a Job. What Can UC San Diego Extension Do For Me?

“I just”—take your pick here—“a) graduated, b) got laid off, or c) decided to change careers and I’m done with taking classes.” I’ve heard this countless times as I’ve attended career fairs and community outreach events on behalf of UC San Diego Extension. “I’m here to find a job” is the refrain of the day. Battle-weary after months of fruitless job searching, the San Diego job seekers who attend these fairs are more than ready to land those elusive jobs. Resumes in hand, professionally … [Read More...]


Turning the Dream of a College Education into a Reality

UC San Diego Extension partners with Barrio Logan College Institute on college prep programs The dream of college can seem daunting—especially for those who are the first in their family to consider the path of higher education. José A. Cruz, executive director at Barrio Logan College Institute, which provides college tutoring and mentoring starting as early as third grade, said the key is to have students realize the dream is attainable if they are willing to put in the effort. “We … [Read More...]


How To Request A Transcript: 5 Things You Need To Know

By Kristen Gross There are several great reasons you might need an official copy of your transcript from UC San Diego Extension. Perhaps your employer needs to see your status in good standing in order to initiate the reimbursement process. Maybe you’re about to apply to graduate school. It could even be that you’re just curious. No matter the reason you need a transcript, UC San Diego Extension Student Services is here to help you get it. Here are five things you need to know: 1. It's All … [Read More...]


Intellectual Property: Powering the Innovation Economy

By Jennifer Davies According to the Partnership for American Innovation, a patent rights industry group, intellectual property in the United States is worth more than $5 trillion dollars, and it helps support more than 40 million jobs in industry sectors such as telecommunications, biotech, agriculture and software applications. In San Diego County, intellectual property is at the very center of the region’s vibrant and growing innovation economy. In 2014, for instance, more than 6,560 … [Read More...]

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Scripps’ Van Gorder Rose Through Ranks from Security Guard to CEO

Frontline Leaders Groomed with CEO’s Training at $2.7 Billion San Diego Health Care System Injured and nearly killed in the line of duty in 1978, Chris Van Gorder was retired from the police force – and ended up working as a security guard at the hospital where he had been rehabilitated. This month’s Pulse podcast guest, Van Gorder shares how he worked in hospitals and pursued his masters in healthcare administration to rise through the ranks and become chief executive officer of San Diego’s … [Read More...]

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Program Helps Students Gain Entry into Medical School

Seven students from premedical program among incoming class at UC San Diego School of Medicine When the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine welcomed its new class on Friday Sept. 4 with its traditional “white coat” ceremony, seven students had taken a different route to gain admission to this select group. These seven students all participated in the UC San Diego Post Baccalaureate Premedical Program, which UC San Diego Extension oversees and runs. The program is … [Read More...]

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Empathy by Design: Creating Hospital Billing that Understands

By Marg Stark For Eric Krepfle, the software he designs is not merely about creating an efficient system – it’s about developing an empathetic one as well. That’s because the work Krepfle does developing hospital billing systems touches people at their most vulnerable when the stresses of health and finances intersect. “There are two things a patient is concerned about. Am I going to be … [Read More...]

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Discover What’s Next for Your Career

By Jennifer Davies When it comes to your career, the persistent question is: “What’s next?” What’s next for the job market? What’s the next skill I’ll need to stay competitive? What’s my next … [Read More...]

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Rajesh Gupta, chair of UC San Diego’s Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Department, measures that immersion not merely by outwardly visible, hand-held devices—personal computers, smart phones, mobile devices—but computer-based innovations that go beyond our sight. Watch Video >

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A Picture and a Thousand Words

By Jennifer Coburn Even before she started kindergarten, Reneé Weissenburger was fascinated by how art and literature influence one another. She even went so far as to create her own illustrations that she felt were missing from her storybooks. This passion for blending visual art and literature continued into Weissenburger’s teens, when she started photographing herself as literary … [Read More...]

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Hottest Careers for College Grads in 2015

Turning a college education into a career is easier said than done. To help newly minted graduates identify their best bets for rewarding employment, the University of California, San Diego Extension … [Read More...]


For Alan J. Daly, UC San Diego professor and chair of the Department of Education Studies, social networks hold the key to more enlightened forms of teaching, learning, and leadership. Watch Video >

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