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Taking Discovery Beyond Data: Computer Science Explores New Frontiers

Computers shape our daily lives in a myriad of ways, some obvious, others not so. Rajesh Gupta, chair of UC San Diego’s Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Department, measures that immersion not merely by outwardly visible, hand-held devices—personal computers, smart phones, mobile devices—but computer-based innovations that go beyond our sight. Take an example such as the pocket-sized … [Read More...]

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Solimar Hillier, UC San Diego Extension Portuguese for Communication instructor

Solimar Hillier: Helping Students Enjoy the Colors and Flavors of Brazilian Portuguese

By Rafaela Lombardino Over the past decade Brazil has seen a surge in its economy and is currently the destination for sports lovers. Brazil was recently the host country for the 2014 FIFA World Cup of Soccer and will host the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympic Games. It is only natural that more people are eager to learn this Romance Language for both business and pleasure. According to a news story by Canada's The Globe and Mail, Brazilian Portuguese classes being taught in North America and … [Read More...]

An online doctor giving a diagnostic in scrubs

From Data to Diagnostics: Saving Lives Through Healthcare Information Technology

By Leah R. Singer When one thinks of healthcare, what typically comes to mind are the doctors and nurses that work directly with patients to provide medical explanations, cures for diseases, and prescriptions for healthy living. What is often not considered, however, are the countless individuals and systems at work behind the scenes that play a vital role in patient care. In today’s constantly changing world of medicine, the role of Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) is more critical to … [Read More...]


Healthcare Forecast: Enormous Sea Change and Job Growth to Come in San Diego

UC San Diego Health System’s CEO Offers Glimpse of Future, Identifies Critical Skill Sets With the opening of its $850 million Jacobs Medical Center in July 2016, UC San Diego’s Health System will add 1800 new jobs to San Diego’s economy. Yet, the challenges for health care professionals will be immense as reimbursement is overhauled and as technology races forward, says Paul Viviano, the chief executive officer and assistant vice chancellor of the city’s academic medical complex, who appears … [Read More...]


Five Facts About Using VA Educational Benefits: What You Need to Know

By Renzo Lara, Veteran's Benefits & Disability Coordinator If you have served in the United States military and are eligible for educational benefits through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), UC San Diego Extension is proud to play a part in realizing your educational goals. Applying for VA educational benefits at any college or university can be a complicated process, so we’ve compiled five fast facts that address frequently asked questions to help make registration … [Read More...]

smiling male high school student helping classmate with computer in class

Three-Way Partnership Brings STEAM Learning to Underserved Youth 
in San Diego

New Programming To Inspire Careers In Science Includes Courses In Video Game Programming and Robotics UC San Diego Extension, Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego, and the Elementary Institute of Science have partnered to launch
 two new programs in video game programming and robotics to help enrich education for students in grades 8–12 in one of San Diego’s most underserved communities, the Diamond District. The partnership aims to make STEAM curriculum—science, … [Read More...]

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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt: A Constant Process of Improvement

For Maya Gowri, implementing operational excellence is pivotal to her official role at Inova Diagnostics, a San Diego-based manufacturer of in vitro diagnostic systems used in clinical immunology labs and hospitals around the world. Inova hired Gowri after taking her on as an intern while she completed UC San Diego Extension’s Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (LSSBB) and Lean Enterprise certificate … [Read More...]

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Conference Gives Extension Instructors a Chance to Connect and Learn

By Eilene Zimmerman “All work is learning,” said UC San Diego Extension’s Dean, Mary Walshok, when she took the stage at the Instructor Conference on Saturday, April 11, 2015. “We operate at the … [Read More...]

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For Alan J. Daly, UC San Diego professor and chair of the Department of Education Studies, social networks hold the key to more enlightened forms of teaching, learning, and leadership.Watch Video >

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Feifei Fan teaches Chinese language classes in the Arts, Humanities, Languages & Digital Arts Department

Focus on Instructors: Feifei Fan

By Rafa Lombardino Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, with approximately 1.2 billion speakers of all varieties of Chinese and 848 million of them speaking Mandarin alone. According to the Modern Language Association the number of college students studying Chinese has increased over the last decade. In an effort to match this demand, UC San Diego Extension's Arts, … [Read More...]

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How to Save Us All, No Experience Required! (A Career in Safety)

written by Brandon Chavez So you want to make a difference? You want to change the world, or at least do your part to make it a better place to live in? Yes, of course you do! Now you just need to … [Read More...]


UC San Diego Extension instructor Natasha Balac, Ph.D. and San Diego Supercomputer Center Director Michael L. Norman present a summary introduction to big data, predictive analytics, and the uses of data collection. Watch Video >

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